Who Peed In My Pinot

We go through a ton of eggs in our house. The boys love them and I find its the easiest way to slip in some protein without having to break out the pan. Charlie is a creature of habit and will ask for “a hard boiled egg, toast, and fruit” every morning. I hard boil one dozen eggs a week, and if you saw my post a while back, you’ll recall I’ve had a fair amount of trouble with my ‘technique’. And besides egg explosions, there is nothing more unbelievably frustrating than peeling an egg and having half the egg white come off with the shell. Ugh! That makes for some really ugly deviled eggs, and some very ‘yolk heavy’ egg salad sandwiches.

But friends, I hit the mother load of Hard Boil Egg cooking advice one day from my neighbor Linda, and I’ve felt like a HBE cooking expert ever since. She got the sure fired technique from The Pioneer Woman, who’s recipes I love! So I gave it a go and haven’t looked back since.

Boil water

Using a slotted spoon or wire basket, gently place eggs into water and immediately reduce heat from a boil to a little bubble (simmer).

Set timer for 13 minutes

Transfer eggs to an ice bath to cool for 5 minutes.

Peel and eat or store in the fridge for up to five days.

Done and done. For the technique straight from The Pioneer Woman